Friday, December 01, 2006

"You're one of those people who put up their tree the day after Thanksgiving, aren't you?"

Last year we didn't put up any Christmas lights outside. We did put up a tree, but it's little therefore easy. I just couldn't be bothered with decorating, what with all the swelling and hugeness I was having to endure at the time. But now the baby's actually HERE, and he can see the lights, and not just their aura from within the womb, but SEE them, touch them, look enraptured by our neighbor's outdoor lights. So this year we did it! We have lights!

Now I'm starting to understand how holidays are fun for grownups because of the kids in their lives. I'm glad I discovered this, because I was really starting to get bored with Christmas before the baby. Now I can watch him enjoy it. That's pretty cool.

By the way, Blogger keeps trying to get me to switch to the NEW! BLOGGER! but I'm resisting. One time I updated my SpySweeper and now my computer runs slow, so I'm a little wary of BIGGER! BETTER! Is it really bigger and better? Am I missing out on something here?


At 4:56 AM, Anonymous Jenny said...

I totally get it.

This is the first year I'm really feeling "christmas-y" and it's all about seeing it through Hailey's eyes.


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