Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tough Questions

I got some tough questions this morning on my Spanish exam that I wasn't prepared for. I should have expected them; after all, we are learning the future tense. But still.

When are you going to graduate?
No se! I have no clue when I'm going to graduate. Good lord. Thanks for stressing me out, Senora. Hopefully I will graduate. How many semesters of taking one class does it take to finish your degree? Who knows. I guestimated four years from now, and writing down 2010, I realized, HOLY SHIT, there is a possibility I will still be a student in 2010, when the baby is almost 5, and I know what, I don't even want to write it.

What job are you going to have?
Uhhhhhh. La abogada*. Because I work for one and that's the first profession I thought of. And the last one I'd want to be. Like I said, I work for one. It seems pretty stressful. Now I'm wondering if I'll keep this job forever. Pro: I've been here so long I hardly ever have to learn anything new, and it's easy. Con: What I just wrote, but replace "easy" with "boring." My job consists of sitting around all day opening mail, marking dates on a calendar, and sending letters to clients telling them about those dates. If I do that forever, my brain might fall out of my head and my ass will flatten to pancake proportions.

How [or maybe how much, I'm not that great at Spanish] are you going to save money this year?
But it didn't even really matter what the question was, because that one was easy. All I had to do was figure out how to say "SAVE?!?! I'm way too poor to save!" En espanol.

*for those of you even less fluent in Spanish than me, that means lawyer.


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