Monday, October 02, 2006

Fuck You, Cinnabon At The Mall (a shallow personal rant)

The in-laws are in town, and I'm so stoked. They insist on buying us things and holding the baby constantly so we can take much needed showers. And clean things! The house has never been so germ free.

We went to the mall yesterday, and my father-in-law had just bought us up a storm at Old Navy. When we first got married, I felt bad letting them buy me a lot of stuff, like, oh, don't waste your money on little old me. But now I realize they like doing it, don't look a gift horse in the mouth, etc., so I am now the new owner of some very cute pants.


So we went to the mall, and I was DYING of thirst. That thirst that only happens to those of us who are breastfeeding and dehydrated and are tempted to lick that sweaty man in a tank top over there just to get some liquid in our mouths. The food court was upstairs, kind of far and a lot of trouble to go find the elevator for the stroller, but right around the corner was...Cinnabon! Surely they could help me out. I didn't have any cash, but since all I wanted was a cup of tap water, I figured they'd oblige. Also, I didn't want to make a further dent in my father-in-law's wallet, so I went to Cinnabutt by myself.

Me: Hi, can I just have a cup of water?
Stupid Cinnashit Kid: $.38.
Me: $.38 cents? Just for a little cup of tap water?
SCK: Yes.
Me: *rummaging through purse* looks like all I have is $.12.
SCK: Sorry.
Me: Yeah...see, I'm breastfeeding, and that uses up a LOT of water in your body, and I'm dying of thirst here. Do you think you can make an exception?
SCK: No, the owner's here right now, I can't do that.
Me: Ok, can I ask the owner?
Mom approaches the counter

Me: Can I just have a cup of water? I don't have any money, I'm sorry, but I'm really thirsty.
Evil Owner Mom: No, I can't. I lost a lot of money giving away cups for free on tax free weekend.
Me: Please? I'm really thirsty.
EOM: No.

Since I have no balls and I'm a weak pacifist, I walked away without using my best sailer cursing on SCK or EOM. But what the fuck? You can't give a thirsy BREASTFEEDING woman a damn cup of water?

My husband (who used to manage restaurants) later told me that a paper logo cup like that goes for about $.7. That's right people-SEVEN. That stupid bitch would rather save SEVEN cents than give a thirsty woman a cup of water. Plus, they were trying to make $.31 cents off my thirst? Vultures.

So I ended up going to the food court and practically sucking on the worst water fountain ever. Good times.


At 2:57 PM, Blogger one smarmy mama said...

people are stupid.


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