Friday, October 13, 2006


Isn't that crazy? 10/13/2006-if you add up the numbers, it makes a slightly freaky day a little freakier. And this is the first time this has happened in over 40,000 years! Or maybe 400. Whatever, it was like 8:00am when someone told me that this morning.

I called the husband to tell him, because, I just can't keep interesting things to myself.

"Can you believe that!?!" I said. "Isn't that freaky!?!"
"I guess."
"And your brother's flying into town TONIGHT! Wow! I wouldn't want to fly on a freaky day like today!"
", why did you say that? Now I'm going to worry."
"Oh, don't worry. I think it's statistically impossible for anything bad to really happen today. How FREAKY would it be if something bad happened today of all days? I mean, it's less likely that something bad would happen today than on some normal, less freaky day. Freaky Friday day. Thing."

Have a good one, and try not to synchronize your thoughts with anyone!


At 5:14 PM, Anonymous Jenny said...

Crap. I just thought that I'd like to go outside and suddenly I found myself in the cat's body.

Please call for help.


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