Friday, August 11, 2006

Not Your Mommy's Mommyblogger

I don't consider myself a mommy blooger. Haha I just wrote blooger instead of blogger but I'm leaving it because isn't blooger a funny looking word?

Not that I have anything against mommybloggers. In fact, I love them. I would like to be one when I grow up. I just don't feel like I can be, exactly, because I don't stay home with our baby. Not that all mommybloggers are stay at home moms-many work. But, work also, unlike me, being the source of our one income family. Like, my husband should have a mommyblog (you know what I mean), but me? I dunno. I still write about the baby, but I just can't bring myself to have one of those adorable, this blog is about me and my baby, here are some of his cute pictures, blogs.

Are there other mommybloggers out there who are the working parent and their husband/partner stays home full time? If so, I would like to read your blog!


At 10:06 AM, Anonymous Mother said...

Read Mom-101. Her huz is a SAHD.

At 4:11 PM, Blogger braiding mommy said...

Being a single parent, I understand to a degree. Amazing that your husband stays home. Lydia's father/my boyfriend works full-time as well. Not easy balancing trying to keep up, let alone get ahead, when you're a working mom. Enjoying your posts - thanks for the comment on kid tracking.


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