Thursday, June 29, 2006

VAX: Hep B

The post has been updated at the end on 6/30/06

*This post is mainly about the hepatitis B vaccine. I wanted to post about all the vaccines and diseases your kid gets immunized for, then I ran out of time, so I was going to post about the ones my kid's already gotten, then I ran out of time, so here's ONE he's gotten. I'll do the rest eventually, but not until next week (because I don't blog on the weekends-that's baby time!) I think I should just make this blog about vaccines, because this whole thing is going to take forever!*

When I was pregnant, became a staple of my daily internet browsing. As a first time mother, I had no experience with babies at all, and I like to highly research things before I get into them. So I fell IN LOVE with They sent me weekly updates of what my fetus looked like! And he was always cute! In my quest for vaccine knowledge, I of course turned to Babycenter. And found out they completely tow the party line (a.k.a. says what the government says) about vaccines, complete with little to know cited sources. A lot of what Babycenter reports is verbatim from literature from the Center for Disease Control (of course I looked at CDC stuff, I’m thorough!) And we all know, you can’t always trust the government, and I was sad to realize, you can’t always trust Babycenter.

Children receive this at birth, and another shot at 1-4 months.
I was initially wary of this one, because I knew hepatitis B was common only among intravenous drug users and the extremely sexually promiscuous. However, before I knew it, they were saying, "here's your baby back ma'am, he's just had his hepatitis B shot." (At the hospital. When he was one day old and so small I was afraid I'd break him)

What Babycenter says:

“Before the vaccine was introduced in the United States in 1982, about 33,000 children under 10 whose mothers did not carry the virus were diagnosed each year with hepatitis B.”
“There is no cure.”

What NVIC says:

According to Harrison's,[Harrison’s Principals of Internal Medicine, referenced earlier in the article] in cases of acute hepatitis B ‘most patients do not require hospital care’ and ‘95 percent of patients have a favorable course and recover completely’ with the case-fatality ratio being ‘very low (approximately 0.1 percent).’

I was really shocked at the scaremongering Babycenter drummed up about this one. If you go to the NVIC site, their section on the Hep B vax is chock full of references and citings. Babycenter's is not.

Useless Vaccines My Child Has Received: 1

update: I just looked at my immunization schedule further, and noticed kids get another Hep B vaccine at 6-18 months. We will NOT be getting that vaccine.


At 10:00 AM, Blogger Jenni said...

That scares me. This may be a stupid question, but are these shots ones that I can tell them not to give my baby, and they have to respect that? Or is it government regulation to do it after the baby is born regardless?

At 8:11 PM, Anonymous donna said...

I also would like a answer


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