Thursday, June 15, 2006

If it's free, then give it to me

I am frugal. I like a bargain. Spending large amounts of money on anything other than necessary bills makes my pulse race with anxiety (don't get me wrong, I hate paying bills, but I also hate taking cold showers in the dark worse). I would say about 90% of the furniture in our house was free. Isn't that amazing? No, that's not quite right. I believe that number should be more like 100%. Our whole living room was given to us. Couches. Entertainment center. TV. Rugs. Lamps. Tables. Good God, truly everything. Kitchen table. Our bed. Baby's bed. Some things were given to us as gifts bought new by our family, but a lot of stuff his hand-me-downs given to us by people who didn't want the stuff anymore. And those things? Oh, how I love those things.

There is no better feeling for me than taking something I could use off the hands of someone who doesn't want it anymore. An old friend I used to work with has given us a couch, loveseat, chair and ottoman, a little couch I call a "fainting couch," an old sewing machine table, two lamps, two large chairs, a wingback chair, and numerous smaller things. She wanted to clean out a storage unit and just GAVE it to us. If we didn't have her things, we'd be using empty boxes as tables.

Is this a character flaw? Am I frugal to a fault? Would it be better if our things were picked out and purchased by us? Sometimes I take just about anything for free because, hey, it's free! Our neighbors asked if I wanted their old exercise machine thingy because they got theChuck Norris Total Gym. Of course I said yes. Even though I have a contract with Bally's where I pay $50.00 a month and never go. I'm not linking to those bastards because I got sucked into a 36 month contract and you shouldn't go to those sheisters! So the exercise machine thingy is just sitting in our garage collecting dust, unused.

I hate going to garage sales, because I'm always like, I need that tiny little stuffed robin that costs $.10! IT ONLY COSTS $.10!!!!! IT'S A STEAL!!!! My husband made me go with him to this garage sale across the street this morning, and we got a twin bed frame for when the baby gets older and a bunch of chairs to go at the kitchen table that need MAJOR refinishing work. I'm such a sucker for anything cheap that we might someday need. We almost bought one of those Sparklette's cooler things and a new front door. That's right, a new front door. Even though it was half an inch too tall and too wide. Because it cost $10.00. IT ONLY COSTS $10.00!!! THAT'S A STEAL EVEN IF ITS THE WRONG SIZE!!!!

I don't think I'm like those HGTV people who save money by redecorating their kid's room at a flea market. I'm the kind of person who walks away from the flea market with a bunch of crap I may or may not need, but chances are it'll end up gathering dust in the garage either way.


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