Monday, June 19, 2006

Father's Day

Just like it was cool to celebrate Mother's Day for the first time a few weeks ago, it was cool to help my husband celebrate Father's Day this weekend. Just when you're starting to get old, and you think maybe all those fun holidays are behind you, like Christmas, with the joy of presents, and your birthday, with the joy of barhopping and getting drunk that you're really too responsible for nowadays, you get those parent holidays. I never thought my parents cared too much about them, because they always said, "oh, I don't need a gift." But now that I get to experience them from the parents point of view, I realize they didn't want a gift because it's not that kind of holiday(Yet. For me. My baby is five months old. After he gets older and becomes a disrespectful handful, I might want those gifts that I "deserve" for putting up with his crap). It's a day to appreciate the thing that makes you a parent-your baby. Your wee little darling, without whom you'd never get to experience the joy of sleep deprevation, poopie diapers, little arms holding onto you tight when you pick them up after being at work all day, and the most amazing love a human being can experience-the selfless kind.


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