Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Books and Boring

I'm reading The Amateur Marriage by Anne Tyler. It is wonderful. When I started reading it, my husband asked, "do you think we have an amateur marriage?" My reply was, I don't know, ask me again when I finish the book (we don't). The story follows a couple from the moment they became enthralled with one another until...well, I'm almost done, and they're in their 60s now. Their whole marriage is fights and arguments because, when it comes down to it, they're just two entirely different people. They split up after their 30 year anniversary. Who knows where they'll be in the end (not together, I'm sure, this isn't that kind of book). As it is now, he's already remarried (to a woman very dull compared to his vivacious ex-wife). But it's just a delightful story, and even though parts are heart wrenching, overall I'd say its an uplifting book. I love stories about relationships-real relationships, not paperback romances. I like books where nobody's right or wrong, they're just people, with hopes and doubts, and this is one of those books. I first heard about in on NPR, and was happy to find it at the book store a few weeks back. NPR always has the most interesting authors and books featured.

God this post is booooring. What I really want to do is get back to my book, but I'm almost finished, and I'm tearing through the last remaining pages at a fast pace, and you know how sad finishing books makes me.

Who knew I was boring enough to have a blog about the books I read? Bleh.


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