Monday, May 22, 2006


I went to Half Price Books this weekend, and it was woooonderful. My blissful book browsing was only interrupted by the piercing screams of my son as my husband tried to shush him in the gardening books section (we're going to plant tomatoes and corn and stuff and try to have a garden; we'll see what happens with that). But other than that, yes, wonderful. I picked up three books, one I'd heard of in high school, one I'd heard of on NPR, and one that was made into a movie (there were two copies of that one and I got the one that didn't have pictures of the actors on the front, because I hate when they do that, release the book with the movie stuff on the cover, it makes you look like you're only reading the book because it was a movie...which...I was...but...didn't want anyone to know...ok).

So book number one, the one I heard about in high school, The Handmaid's Tale, by Margaret Atwood. Has anyone read that? Talk about timely relevant! Just as Orwell's 1984 predicts a frightening view of a society completely monitored and ruled by propoganda, Atwood's novel chillingly tells of a future wherein women aren't allowed to read, are used only for reproduction, the country is waging a religious war against other sects, and abortion doctors are murdered and hung at the city gates for everyone to see. Cool. Creepy. I'm about halfway through, but I can already say it's defnitely a must read. The best part? I paid $6.98. The Border's sticker on the back says $13.95. Half Price Books rocks my world. At least it removes one of my excuses for not reading, the fact that I'm poor. And I discovered that when I really want to, I CAN fit in time for reading. Step two: fitting it in for writing. DUN DUN DUUUUUN (scary music)!


At 2:10 PM, Blogger changapeluda said...

The Handmaid's Tale is sooo
good-creepy futuristic....both the book and the movie! Ewwww :)
mostly I remember (read it around 6yrs ago) how the handmaid has to get pregnant with the wife behind her....the vivid punishment they had to endure....from the movie:Oh definitely The Ending, (which i won't spoil for you....Good luck w/your garden :0)


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