Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Oh yeah, that's why I don't read

Because I have no flippin' time. I just got my latest issue of Bitch Magazine(Best! Magazine! Ever!), and this is a magazine that it used to take me one, two days tops to devour. That was pre-marriage pre-kid pre-responsibility. I've had it for two evenings and I'm barely past the Love It/Shove It! THIS is why I can't write people. If reading creates writing, well, it's no wonder I'm not writing. I thought I just got out of the habit of reading. You know, I hadn't read anything interesting in a while, I turned to TV...horrible, horrible TV...and I stopped liking reading or something. No. I LURVE reading. It's just that there are so many other things that need to be done too. Sure, I could read instead of doing laundry or the dishes, but then I'd smell and the kitchen would smell even worse than it already does(note to self: go through fridge and find whatever it is that smells like THAT).

I need to make a committment to myself that I'll read for at least an hour a night. PHEW. An hour of uninterrupted reading sounds like a distant fairtale. But I'm going to try and do it. Especially since I've already made a list of like ten books I read about in Bitch that I HAVE to read. And that's not even counting the book reviews at the back I haven't gotten to yet. Once I make it all the way through the issue, I'll be attacking Half Price Books with a fervor and coming out hundreds of dollars poorer.

Random physical result of childbearing: My belly button piercing looks totally weird now. Like, it got all stretched out and now the ring pulls it weird. It's not like I had a totally great stomach before, but I'm afraid if I wear a really big ring for too long, I'm going to lose the piercing completely. AGH!

But seriously. Check out Bitch. It's one of the few magazines that doesn't make me feel shitty about myself after I read it.


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