Friday, May 26, 2006

I hope my kid doesn't turn out a shit-head

This morning when I went to get in my car to go to work, I noticed that something was wrong. My front driver's side window was broken! They didn't take anything, not that I really have anything cool in there, but someone could have taken the cd player if they were trying to steal something. So it was just petty vandalism, which in a way is kind of worse. Like breaking the window for no reason. But don't get me wrong, I'm grateful I still have my cd player. My Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon cd was in there!

Anyway, we're sure it's the kid who used to live in our house. He's threatened to do stuff to our cars before. He has anger problems. We bought the house at a fairly low price, because the owner was desperate to sell it. I think she was having problems affording it, and it was in pretty bad shape. It's turned out to be a blessing that it was in such crap shape, though, because we've gotten to redo it, exactly the way we want. So far we've done the wood floors and repainted everything. The floors were a big job. They looked HORRIBLE. Now they look BEAUTIFUL. Anyway, the shit-head kid was pissed that he had to move from the house he grew up in, and has always hated us. The family left town for awhile, but we found out they moved back to the same neighborhood recently. I think they live with the mom's boyfriend. So the cops recommended putting up a security camera to catch them in the act next time/keep them from doing it again.

I would feel like the biggest failure as a parent if my kid turned out a shit-head like that. Maybe the mother did something wrong, maybe she didn't, probably she did the best she could. But a petty vandal? Sad. Sad for the mama. At one point, that shit-head was a little four month old baby just like my son, cooing and smiling, probably somewhat cute. What happens to a kid between that point and breaking out car windows? Something I hope I can prevent in mine.


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