Thursday, May 04, 2006

Everything original I think of, I've already heard before

I spent a long time TRYING to think of a really cool, like catchy name for this blog, so people would stop by and be all, "Wow, how CLEVER she is!" And then they'd comment, and link to me, and I'd be SO COOL in internet land.

Relucant Blogger? Taken. And, taken. Write, Write, Baby? Taken. Aaaaand uses the same blog format as I chose. And I realized I've read that blog before. So it's quite possible that a) I don't have an original thought in my head, or b) there is nothing left that hasn't already been thought of, created, and made into a blog.

I used to write all the time. ALL the time. Ever since I could pick up a pen, I've been using them. Now I can barely write a thank you note (note to self, write thank you notes from the baby shower...will people be pissed baby is already 3 months old and has outgrown a lot of the presents already?...nah...). I have so many "books" that I've started, and never finished, because I was going to finish them when I had more life experience and real voice, you know, like now that I'm married, and a parent, except, now I have GODDAMN writer's block. Also, no time. But if I didn't have the block, I'd make the time, bitch!

I just heated up a soft taco. But I left the tortilla in for too long and it's tough. I guess I'll pretend it's a...crunchy taco...that's chewy...NOTHING EVER GOES MY WAY!!!!


At 10:34 AM, Blogger changapeluda said...

You know what? Besides chicken butt...I have write write baby on my favourites but...she's kind of boring. For real.


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